Sunday, May 14, 2006

Prayer for Rain

As we leave Belize City and take the Western Highway out to our house, the fires have started. We smell the sweet smoke first before we drive next to brush fires started by cigarettes thrown out windows by careless passengers. Whole fields ablaze and no one putting them out, most of the time they burn themselves out. There are more important things to do with the 5 fire trucks in Belize than to put out brush fires. So we pray for rain. Last year, while we were away, the Bagpipe Playing Englishman put out a brush fire that burned right up to our yard. Its been so dry that even the insects and little critters are invading the house looking for water. Note to self: check the shower before stepping in nekked. The leafcutter ants nearly killed the little mango tree that Bigness planted a couple of months ago. Every day he checks and waters his baby and tells me about her progress. We’ve been planting the pit and stone and seed from everything to see if it grows, and yes it grows, but will it survive the drought and the thirsty ants? Bigness is optimistic, the weatherman and the geckos have been calling for rain since Monday, with a big system moving north from Costa Rica, it stalled over Nicaragua, we had a few drops the other day, but still we pray for rain.

Me: what do you think about the new painting on silk?
Bigness: what de fok she doin?
Me: I’m connecting with my inner African Goddess
Bigness: looks like you’re asking for sex.


caliibre said...

Why pray… does it help?

Caribbean Colors said...

I read your post about prayer, interesting. For me prayer is a meditation or an internal private expression or hope of what I really want.

DCveR said...

We've had terrible Summers here with lots of forest fires for the last few years, hope you do get some rain.