Friday, November 30, 2012

Constant is the Rain

As much as I love the Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66 version of Chove Chuva, Miriam Makeba's cover of it in 1966 gives me chills. I wish I could sing in Portugese, or Spanish, or French... its only English for me as my Spanish from 2 years in Mexico is fading like a dream.
Its the end of hurricane season, supposedly, but a cold front moved in pushing down from America, and seeing as I bought new teacups in Mexico yesterday, I'll just enjoy the rain and all it brings. The rain brings customers who can't swim & snorkel, bored, looking for a comfortable, clean, well lit place with cookies and brownies and cinnamon buns, oh yes! A wonderful side benefit of the cold front is that I have stopped sweating, I mean perspiring, I mean being all dewy on my face. And that indeed is a bonus!
I think your portugese is about as good as mine is, so I'll give you a rough translation:
It rains, it rains non-stop
Rain rain rain, it rains non-stop
Because I'll make a prayer To God, our Lord
For rain to stop wetting my divine love
That is very beautiful is more that the infinite is pure and
Innocent as the flower is beautiful
Please no bad rain water over my love
So please no bad rain water over my love so
Rain rain nonstop rain rain, it rains, it rains non-stop


Guyana-Gyal said...

The rain here was behaving very bad, :-D But it's eased up now. It was a bit cold here too. Well, for people in the sun, hehe.

Isn't Makeba's voice glorious?

Ale said...

i love her!!! have not seen this video yet, definitely chills! i wish i could sing period. i can't even imitate a commercial jingle!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ale, I bet your baby thinks you sing beautifully.

Belt out dem tunes, man. You should hear me, har har.