Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Which Barbara Are We Talking About?

Let's just get this straight...

Miss Barbara works evenings in the art gallery.
Barbara wire is what we are putting on top of the fence that surrounds the little house on the mainland to deter another break in.
Bigness's favorite Barbara is in Belmopan, the Spanish boy at the bus station peels his head nice.

What is a peeled head you ask? In aMerica it is known as a brush cut. Its not bad looking on him and being a man of 63, he certainly has a lot of fast growing hair to control. The only problem wtih the Spanish boy is he works when he wants. Sometimes Bigness will get frustrated , driving all the way to Belmopan and the boy isn't there in his little shed next to the bus station, cutting piles of hair, so he comes home and takes the clipper to his head himself. When I hear the sound of buzz buzz buzz coming from the bathroom, I refuse to get involved. I don't want to take the blame, and I don't want to accidently shave his initials into the back of his head.

The above terms are not to be confused with Baba which is what runs from your nose mixed with eyewata. It is also the swill you get at the bottom of a coke bottle when you share your drink.

If you need translation help, let me know because sometimes I actually understand what Bigness is saying.

Note: you will not find these terms in babelfish.


Anonymous said...

Yet another education blog! You are a bottomless well of information. MB

Anonymous said...

baba UNBaby's fav topping on ice cream-ewww gross

Caribbean Colors said...

Want a drink from my coke? Go ahead, you can keep it.