Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moonlight on the Water, Caye Caulker, Belize

The new camera body arrived with the next bride. After breaking the shutter on the camera I have been using for the last 2 years, I rushed to order a new camera body from Amazon, first consulting with my BFF Mr. Wizard to make sure it was going to fit my lenses, etc. etc, (eyes rolling back into my head, and I'm slipping into a coma from all the technospeak that went on) Long distance mistakes cost you the most. Ordering the wrong size, wrong model, things not fitting, things not working, all the pitfalls of ordering online, multipy by 10, when you are not in aMerica and not able to return anything.

As luck would have it, everything fit, everything arrived to the coming bride, with a day to spare, no hitches or glitches and I'm back in biz. Wiser.

I purchased the Canon 40D 10.1 megapixel and all my Canon and Sigma lenses fit and work. So, now its practice, practice, practice. Last night's eclipse shots didn't turn out so well even using a tripod stand, the breeze was blowing so strong that it was buffeting the camera and shaking it. But the full moon shots have a mysterious eerie look that I like, and of course, the last moonlight shot was enhanced in Photoshop. Either that, or some aliens were landing on the cruise ship gliding by just beyond the reef and I just happened to capture the event. Your choice. I like the alien story better its more dramatical.


Caribbean Colors said...

A third option on the bottom photo could be that its the shining bald head of Belize's new prime minister the Honorable Dean Barrow, floating in the water. Maybe I should stick to the alien story, its more believable. Dean Barrow is coming to Caye Caulker for a Love Fest that he's holding in celebration of his victory. And after that I don't think we'll see him around Caye Caulker again until its time for another election.

Anonymous said...

The photos are just gorgeous! Can't wait to hear the Barrow report. MB

Hayden said...

I'll vote for the aliens every time. Especially if there's an abduction involved.