Monday, January 07, 2008

What the Heck?

People, you better make up your minds fast because the Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa has just announced this morning that the general election is set for Feb 7.

Read the press release below
Prime Minister Musa sets General Election Date
Belmopan - 07 January, 2008
The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Said Musa and members of his Cabinet met this morning at the Princess Hotel and Casino with members of the clergy for a breakfast meeting.During the meeting, which was attended by a majority of Belize’s clergy, the Prime Minister announced that he will advise the Governor-General to dissolve the National Assembly today and set Thursday, February 7th as Election Day.The Prime Minister also announced that on that same day, Belizean voters will participate in a referendum which will be on a separate ballot on the question whether Belize should have an elected senate.The Prime Minister said that he was honoured that the clergy had come out in support and he asked them to pray for peace during the campaign period.


wayne said...

Our election for mayor on the island is set for Feb 4. Karnival is Feb 2-7 this year. I'm just waiting for them to announce that Karnival will be either moved up to Jan or postponed a few weeks. Can't have some silly religious celebration in the middle of the election campaigning!

p.s. did you recently have somebody come in and ask for a piece of your special ant cake??

Caribbean Colors said...

Wayne - nope, no special requests, although I could fill another order for ants in anything you wish, we have plenty of them.
Lordy, I'll never live the ant cake story down.