Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Garifuna Settlement Day in Orange Walk Belize

Take a look at Leonardo Melendez's blog at Take Ur Vitaminz for pictures of Garifuna Settlement Day in Orange Walk Belize.

I spent the morning of Settlement Day painting pictures and draping soggy laundry over door tops, shower curtain rods, backs of chairs and door knobs from the decision to wash laundry during a torrential downpour which lasted into the night.

It looks like Leonardo had more fun and less rain in Orange Walk.
Art Credits:
Left - Jaguar Mask on Silk 20" x 28" $225 U.S.
Location: Belize
Right - Pelican on Silk 20" x 28" $225 U.S.
Location: Belize


Guyana-Gyal said...

...yikes...laundry...that's what I'm supposed to be doing.

But this glorious art makes me want to run and do something wonderfully creative.

pssst, Caribbean, hope you're thinking about it...art, stories, book.

Caribbean Colors said...

I'm thinking, but my thinking is in circles right now.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Of all the days in the week we didn't get rain that day, well, at least not in the morning.

What's the name of your place in Caye Caulker?

Hayden said...

love the jaguar mask - these are such rich, earthy colors!

Caribbean Colors said...

Thanks Hayden
Leo, we are located at the art gallery next to the police station