Sunday, November 18, 2007

DJ Play Your Music

Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve rings from the IPOD that we have hooked up to the old DVD/CD machine with surround sound that we used to have upstairs hooked to the TV. When the last CD player went the way of most electronic devices on Caye Caulker (the dump), Carlos from Carlos Eco Tours recommended that I load all the CDs onto an IPOD and use the DVD player as an amplifier. This discussion went on over coffee and banana cake several mornings in a row. IPOD? Amplifier? Yes, he reassured me, his friend in San Pedro sells the IPOD and the hookup and he thinks it just might work, if not we just have to get a set of new speakers.
It worked. Bit by bit he figured it out for us with a cable here and a power adapter there. Every time he would take a snorkel tour out with a stop in San Pedro, he would pick up another component, and quickly we were back in the music playing business which goes so well with the art and coffee business.

Shirl, the new cafĂ© counter girl, is today’s DJ. I just let her pick it and go. She started with Revenge of the Tango by Gotan Project, first thing up in the morning to get us moving, then onto the Verve and as I’m typing its changing to Enya (A Day Without Rain), which seems appropriate for the rain which has been pounding us for hours.

Today Caye Caulker will empty out and refill for the aMerican Thanksgiving week. It marks the beginning of high season for us. I see porters on bicycle carts and golf cart taking people and luggage to the water taxi pier in the rain. Many of the boats are covered, but for those that aren’t, the captain provides tarps to huddle under, which helps keep your head dry, but my can always ends up wet. (in case you were wondering) Every time I get under one of those tarps I feel like asking someone to please pass me the beer.

Its 8 a.m. and Bowen & Bowen, the beer-water-soda truck has already stopped by to stock us up on water and sodas. Its going to be a long holiday weekend on Caye Caulker with Garifuna Settlement Day officially being celebrated on Monday. Most of the celebration activities will happen in the south part of Belize. Dangriga, Hopkins, Seine Beight and Barranco, is where the majority of the Garifuna community lives. Caye Caulker will get weekenders. Sometimes the Garifuna Council on Caye Caulker will reenact the landing of Garifuna of Belize’s shores a long long time ago. Maybe this year there will be a parade. No one is for sure yet.

The internet is slow this morning and I can’t view the satellite image for the Caribbean. Everyone coming in asks me if the rain will last, and I don’t want to disappoint, but it looks like all day rain.
The music changes again and its Harry Belafonte singing Islands in the Sun… and I have to get the broom out and sweep away the growing rain puddle from the front entrance to the gallery. One by one brave travelers dash in from the rain to warm up and drink a cup of hot tea and enjoy the warm vibe from Shirl behind the counter and Harry Belafonte advising us now that “Jackass will jump and bray, let him bray, let him bray.”
Art Credits:
Top left - Blue Vase - 30" x 40" hand-painted silk by Lee Vanderwalker $450
Top right - In the Garden - 30" x 40" hand-painted silk by Lee Vanderwalker $450
Location: Belize


Anonymous said...

Wow, Lee, we're loving the many blog entries and the beautiful art. Great idea to put it in your entries! Looks like we left just in time to miss all the rain (but we still wish we were there!)
Christie and Dan

Caribbean Colors said...

For real, its been torrential. I feel sorry for the tourists expecting al sunshine and blue skies. Although, bad weather is good for my business, it makes people drink more coffee, and instead of going out on a snorkel trip, they are stuck on the island and spending money shopping.

Lorraine said...

Rained hard all the way into Belize City. It is still much nicer than the snow we came home to. It was 11 last night. Darn cold here in New York. Miss our chats. Keep stiff upper lip and tell those relatives to "Kiss my Grits" We will be back to see you next fall. Raine and Randy

Hayden said...

wow, I've got a lot of catching up to do! Love the art - the top one just makes me smile and smile!

Caribbean Colors said...

Thanks guys!

Caribbean Colors said...

Hi Rainey and Randy, glaad you made it home o.k. Its hard to imagine the snow a cold from down here where its forever summer. When I left Michigan at the end of October it was 36 degrees that morning, and me in shorts, sandles and hoodie sweatshirt.