Monday, August 06, 2007

What Goes There?

After 5 days of being on the mainland at our little house, working in my studio with torrential rain, means that you can’t hang out laundry to dry. So why even wash? As the latest tropical wave washes past us in this hurricane season, I breezed into work. Well, not exactly breezed in, I washed ashore after the bone jarring and kidney killing water taxi ride from the city, where we were all huddled in the front of a half-covered boat. Bigness stayed on the mainland to watch the small lake forming in our front yard.

Supergirl: Mother (condescending tone)
Supergirl: Remember that talk we had?
Me: Which one?
Supergirl: The one where we agreed that you weren’t going to dress like a clown. (she eyeballs me up and down)
Me: Oh... Why? You don’t like? The shoes match (I look down at my camouflage Capri pants and blue and green paisley top.)
Supergirl: Not really, they are purple.

and then she adds…
Supergirl: What’s the point of pretending that your shoes match when you only own purple shoes?
Me: That reminds me I need to order some more sandles from I thought you said that the camo pants were youthful.
Supergirl: Youthful is good, Bozo-ish is bad.
Me: Did you just call me Bozo?

So I've decided to leave it up to you, the readers of this blog to vote on the fate of my ensemble.

What goes with camouflage print capri pants?
A solid top only in a color that appears in the camo print, plus black or white.
Any other type of print as long as some of the colors appear in the camo print.
Anything plus tie dye because we know that tie dye goes with everything.
Only camo goes with camo, even if its not the same print.
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zoe said...

i get spoken to like that by my daughters too. depressing, isn't it ?

but then i tell them that they know nothing about fashion - i managed to get through the 70s - just.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Ha! :-D

Cream said...

I can't believe kids whose bum we've wiped a million times can be so condescending about our fashion.

Caribbean Colors said...

This just in from Malibu MalMal:
I voted and mom you can wear anything, you look great, I love your style. How would you be you without tye dye and camo and purple shoes. Think about that one baby. You rock lady.


Your Mother Mal
See? Someone agrees with me.