Friday, August 17, 2007

The Civilization of UNBaby

In an effort to get caught up on all the news, here are photos from UNBaby's preschool graduation (Miss Sue's Preschool). And as you can see from the photos, she sat still and did everything the teacher told her to do, patiently waiting while mayhem and hysteria erupted all around. She totally disproved Bigness's theory that she has chiggers up her batty and can't sit still. She looked to sweet AND CLEAN! It was a proud moment!

She's made some real strides in becoming civilized this year. Through the suggestion that she watch out to not slam her tail in the door, Bigness has taught her (and me too) to close the door when you come into an air conditioned room, and to knock before entering. One day I overheard her telling her cousin Jelly Bean "What's de matta gial, you fraid you slam yer tail inna de dowa? Close de dooowa!"

Of course most of the credit for the "Civilization of UNBaby" should go to her preschool teacher who is the kindest most patient woman you will meet.

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