Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elvis Has Left The Building

High season is almost over (sigh) Yes, we love the money, but all of us are e x h a u s t e d. We've been going nonstop, 7 days a week since November of 2006. And for our handsome reward we're closing down for 10 days (starting on Friday) and going somewhere else. Bigness and I are going to Merida for Holy week to see the Easter processionals. Supergirl and UNBaby are going inland to San Ignacio to swim in a pool, eat tacos and reeelllllaaaaaxxxxxxx. Caye Caulker is the equivalent of the Daytona Beach of Belize, with lone drunken stupidness all Easter weekend.

Its been a tough couple of weeks. Temperature rising all around, my energy level has been especially low, and since Ernesto put Bravo TV back on cable, I've had very little inspiration to get up from my afternoon siesta and go back to work. I've tried to pull a "Mommy's tired, why don't we just close for the day" routine. But nonplussed, Supergirl has learned "The Voice" well remembered from her own teenage years (you know, the one I used on her to get her out of bed and off to school)... and she's using my own tricks ... on me.

Ring ring the phone rings... and I know its time to go back to work, its the 15 minute warning call.
Me: I'm tired
Supergirl: whatever MOTHER
Me: ... (uh oh... there's that word MOTHER, so I know I'm in trouble)
Supergirl: 15 minute warning
Me: ... yawn
Supergirl: did you hear me?
Me: yup, but Top Design's on
Supergirl: and?
Me: maybe we should close this afternoon and just open at 4 p.m. (after Top Design's finished)
Supergirl: whatever... (click)
Me: did she jsut hang up on me?

Ring ring the phone rings... 2 seconds later
Supergirl: Get your ass out of bed mother and come to work. We have a few days left until high season is over and you're not going to punk me out... don't make me come up there and rip you out of bed by your ponytail.
Me: uh... o.k.


Cream said...

The cheek! You would think that she would've given you another 15 minutes...
Well, I hope you enjoy your break. Ten days? Only ten days!!
I remember the days we used to close the first two weeks in August, go away for a week and use the second one to repair and redecorate...
Actually, I think I was a lot happier than now...
Must be too much spare time to think.

Mary Beth said...

God knows you all have earned a good rest and change of scenery. Have a happy and healthy Easter holiday and we will wait for your next post after the break. L, MB

Hayden said...

glad you're off having a break, sounds like it's very much needed!

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