Sunday, February 11, 2007

Photo Friday - Feb 9 - Sky

Silk sarongs drying in the afternoon sun create an organic landscape of shimmer and shape as they slither and undulate in the breeze.

Plus the obligatory sunset.

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Rainypete said...

Way cool indeed!

Cream said...

Looks great, Lee!
I see you've been snapping away at some wild creatures too!

Bruce Smith said...

Very cool, surreal images! I’m a fellow artist and fan of the Caribbean, and I thought you might be interested in my blog too. My passion is painting – specifically, my trademark is depicting scenes of life in the Caribbean, using alkyd enamel paints. My wife and I are sailing from our home in Gig Harbor, Washington, to the Caribbean in our hand-built sailboat and I spend my days painting on the open water. I’m looking forward to getting some new inspiration for my work once we get to the Eastern Caribbean. We’re keeping our friends and family updated on our voyage and adventures along the way on our Web site and blog. Check it out at

(Posted by Mike Bernstein of Bahama Breeze for Bruce and Jan Smith, who are currently at Latitude 9.35 north and Longitude 79.42 west.)

catnapping said...

it reminded me of the red sands in the desert...beautiful.

Caribbean Colors said...

Thanks so much for the positive vibes!