Thursday, February 08, 2007

Panades Anyone?

Cass (left) holds the shark's mouth open

Valentin checks the shark over while a crowd gathers on the beach

These aren't my photos, I picked them up off a Belize Photographs website .


ale said...

omg and this thing was swimming of shore?????

Anonymous said...

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Homo Escapeons said...

The sharks are losing the 'war' with humans at a ratio of about 50 million sharks a year (mainly definned for soup in the Orient)vs about 7 human fatalities worldwide.
aah but nothing draws a crowd like a shark.

Sharks do their thing weeding out the natural order of things in the Ocean and every once and a while come across a 'prey item' that is obviously completely out of their element but dressed up as seal or a giant turtle.Hmmm.

I am still jealous of your location..especially with this extra cold Winter...((sigh))