Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursdays are supposed to be for....

Scratchy throat, itchy ears and sneezy nose keeping me in today drinking tea with honey and cinnamon, keeping quiet and painting quietly in my tiny studio which is essentially a storage room that faces the sea, next to the kitchen. The TV turned up high so I can't hear the knock knock knock on the door and "Miss, are you open? Miss are you making coffee? Miss..." Thursdays we are CLOSED. The door is closed, the lights and music are off and for goodness sake, the door better be locked or someone will walk in while I'm standing at the stove in my underwear making a hot dogs. For real.
That is life when you work where you live with the public traipsing in and out of what used to be your diningroom, kitchen and livingroom. The only private space I have is my bedroom guarded with double locks now. But the upside is that sometimes I go to work in barefeet, nobody cares if my makeup and hair isn't done and the commute is AWESOME! The island has been so busy lately, and I'm thankful, don't get me wrong, the business is appreciated, but unless I get a full day off for good behaviour, my bad/tired attitude will show like dirty underwear hanging out of my pants. I'm grateful also to those who can see what I'm doing here as I'm in the Top 5 ranking in Trip Advisor's list of restaurants on Caye Caulker now. The list is a fluid thing, and my ranking will likely bounce up and down, but I'm temporarily over the top of my competitor. Which makes me want to say WOOHOO (like Vicky in The Real Housewives of Orange County) at 5:30 a.m. when I'm rolling out of bed to make the (most awesome) banana muffins.
Thursdays are when I do the shopping in the city, sleep in late (past 7 a.m.) taking the boat for 45 minutes into Belize City where my trusty taxi driver awaits my arrival. Its also the day that its conceivable that I can get caught up on anything, or everything. This Thursday I sent my list and money to the city to have my trusty taxi driver shop for me since its a standard list and I'm not feeling so fabulous today. Just waiting to hear which boat my provisions are going to be on and how many parcels. And until then... its a Burn Notice Marathon on TV and Vanessa in a blue dress... next to Buddha Jesus (portrait of Emmanuel) and the peacock feather.

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Dorothee said...

such vivid colors - wonderful!