Friday, January 22, 2010

A Trip to the Mexican Dentist

I was desperate. That is what it usually takes for me to submit myself to helplessness and drilling into my skull.

I found them on the internet and since my phone spanish isnt as good as my in person spanish, (because you cant see my hand gestures over the phone) I grabbed a cab and tried for a walk in. The receptionist put me out of my language misery when I said in Espanole, --Soy tengo dolor aqui - me have pain here - (pointing to my mouth), and answered me in English telling me that the dentist can see me in a few minutes.

She took me into a thoroughly modern and hygenic office with a TV mounted on the wall and the Dentist, speaking perfect English (although the word for ouch is the same in almost every language) took an X-ray and gave me an estimate and set up an appointment for the next day. I And (drumroll please) the cost of a root canal on a bicuspid, a stainless steel post driven into my skull to hold it in place, and a porcelain crown was 4,000 pesos, and at an exchange rate of 12.5 to the dollar it was $320 U.S. I have the temporary on right now and the permanent will be installed next week. The temporary looks so good that I am half tempted to not come back, but since I have paid in advance, I will. I promise.

Having the stainless steel peg put in was pretty intense, but I will just blame it on menopause. Two doctors did that part, and the other doctor was young and female and did a lot of cooing to soothe me as she held my head in a neck lock. (just kidding folks, she did the suctioning). My favorite part was when she said --Mrs. Lee Ann, I give you all of my kindness, it ok to cry you can cry it o.k. you cry now-- Awe shucks that was the nicest thing anyone had said to me all day, in fact all week. She then complimented me, and at this stage in the game, it sounded pretty good when she said -for a woman your age you have more teeth in your mouth than the average.-

Before I left, I asked the dentist if they ever did gold front teeth anymore, and he gave a deep sigh and said, -alas, no, gold is too expensive, and these days and no one likes to see shine in the front anymore.-


Anonymous said...

The second appointment is a walk in the park compared to what you have already been through. You must go back and have it finished. Don't even joke around...When I had one done two years ago it was like $1600. and that was after Griffy confronted the dentist on the price and she cut me a break. I almost had it done there. And would have, given a longer trip. Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you! MB

Lorraine said...

I have a temp on a tooth as I write this. I have to wait three weeks to get the crown put on. Wish mine was that cheap. a few thousand!!!!! Should have made a vacation out of it!

Caribbean Colors said...

My appointment is today and Im going for it. New tooth today!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

If you had left out the soy, your sentence would have been absolutely perfect. With the soy you said "I am(in a permanent way),I have pain here" with out the soy it would have been "I have pain here". Husband always does that too, uses too many extra words.
The dentists and MDs here are wonderful, patient and kind. It is amazing. My daughter needs a bunch of dental work, her portion of which is 10 thousand dollars! I tried to convince here that it would be cheaper to take a week off work, stay with me and have the work done here.

cindy said...

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