Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Bo Leep

Little Bo Leep
has lost her links
and doesn't know where to find them

Leave them alone
and NO ONE will come home
waggin their tails behind them

When I changed my template, I didn't read the fine print (a character flaw of mine) and poof they were gone. Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Z Undo Undo Undo I typed, but no one in cyberspace heard me. Crying and screaming didn't help, but it sure quieted the neighborhood down.

Please email me at caribbeancolors1 at because I'm too lazy to read through the 1400 pages of comments and click on the comments links.


Lorraine said...

I like the new format. Hope moving will be everything you want it to be. Never been to that part of Mexico. May have to check that out. We are in the deep freeze in NY. Got 8 inches of snow the other day and is snowing this morning. I could learn to love sun all the time. Take care and Randy says to tell Norman hello.

Krimo said...

All the best for the New Year, Lee.

Caribbean Colors said...

Norman still has hi Randy clothes, I give a chuckle every time he wears the "Randy" T-shirt. Stay warm Rainey.

Happy belated New Year to you also Krimo.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ahhhh, the fine print...the blasted fine print. Why don't they make the fine print FAT so we can see it?