Saturday, December 08, 2007

Everyone Loves a Parade

For child awareness week the Caye Caulker primary school organized a parade. Dressed in the national colors of red and blue, and carrying the Belizean flag, a group of older ones led the parade. It stretched on for BLOCKS. And a well organized event it was. Where did all these kids come from is my big question? During the day they are hidden away at school and in the evenings they are dispursed throughout the island. I never guessed there were so many, until I saw the parade. Some of the children I recognized because they were friends and playmates of UNBaby and her crazy cast of characters. More than half of the children were strangers to me. I had no idea.

"Whey Alima deh? Whey she de do?" They shout to me. (Where is UNBaby- what is she doing?)

"She inna de Steeyts, wit she ma" I answer back.

UNBaby will come back a celebrity when she visits from aMerica. Its a small place.

What struck me was the amount of costumes. I could imagine the local seamstresses were busy in the weeks prior sewing skirts and tops. This was a lot of work!

Here we are on a tiny island 20 miles out to sea and we have cheerleaders, baton twirlers, majorettes, and drummers.

I photographed this from our new street side verandah that Bigness built while I was away in the U.S. in September and October.
I felt nostalgic, remembering when this one was born, when that one was bathing in a tub on her mom's verandah, when another was learning to talk and would speak Spanish to his mom and English to me. Bright shiny faces, sweet smiles, eyes alert, bursting with energy. A few bursting with naughtyness, a sign of high intelligence. School teacher is one profession that I could never do.

Mom's and Grandmoms marching right along with their kids in jeans pants and special T-Shirts made for the occasion.

A model of the school rides down the street pulled by a scooter. A model of the new Atlantic Bank rests on the back of a golf cart. I like the two GI Joes complete with weapons that symbolize the bank guards.
Manuelito, my grand-nephew (doesn't that make me sound old?) dresses up as a mestizo fisherman.

Around the island they go, down Front Street which is now named Avenida Hicaco, and up Middle Street. The parade came and went before the rain. No one likes it to rain on their parade. I shouldn't overstate the obvious.
Today I smell white ginger flowers that Miss Barbara brought in from her garden scenting up the gallery. The sun is shining, we've had a couple days of sun after many rainy days. The wood on the house is drying again. The American tourists have left, its mostly European couples here strolling, skipping, wandering down the sand street in front of the shop. I have no big schedule or agenda. I work a partial day today and then have the rest of the day for production. I'm restocking the other stores in Belize that carry my work, before Christmas. Its a little boring right now, not too many tourists, but in about 10 days we'll be crying that we're too busy.


Raine said...

Awesome parade. Wish I had seen it when we were in Caye Caulker. Miss you and our lovely chats.

Alexandra said...

fun! the kids are just way too adorablel!!

picturecollage - is a function in a picasa web album that i use :)

Cream said...

Lovely parade. I like that mini-float pulled by a trike.

Caribbean Colors said...

Hi Rainey, great to hear from you. I hope your trip to Niceragua went well. Your work is selling great, in fact I sold a print this morning.
Ale - I've heard about Picassa, but haven't checked it out yet. I will today!
Cream - me too.

Hayden said...

what fun! I love the bright, colorful costumes!

Caribbean Colors said...

Raine - you must be thinking... huh? Niceragua? I misread the name and thought it was my other friend Rainey who just left for Niceragua. I had to make a double take on that one.
BTW, Bigness was wearing the "Randy" shirt tonight. Its his most recent favorite, maybe because he's an icecreamaholic. I chuckle every time I see him in it, and make sure I say "Hey Randy..."

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ohhhh how lovely, I wish we'd have something like this, it doesn't cost much to create and it brings all the children together.

Eladio Osorio Montenegro said...

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Caribbean Colors said...

It certainly made me aware of how many children we have here on this little island. From the preschool on up the kids participated.