Saturday, May 05, 2007


Boys Behaving Badly
Middle age American woman to young British soldier
: Why would I want to go home and sleep with you when I can go home to my husband and NOT sleep with him.
: MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY they have high heel shoes at the Chinese store AND THEY FIT ME! Can I buy them can I buy them can I buy them????????
Supergirl: You can buy high heel shoes when you're old enough to buy your own shoes!
UNBaby: .... (huh?) They have sparkles on them!
Supergirl: As long as I'm buying your shoes they aren't going to be high heels.
UNBaby: When can I buy them?
Supergirl: When you're 14.
Granmaw Law
Me: Don't make me chase you down the beach! Stay where I can see you!

We had a little scare a while ago. UnBaby came rushing up the stairs from the beach into the kitchen all breathless.
UNBaby: Mommy Mommy Mommy a lady says she has presents for me at her hotel room can I go can I go can I go?????"
Supergirl & I simultaneously: WHAT!!!
Supergirl: Show me this lady

Supergirl went with UNBaby down the stairs to the beach and pointed out the lady who was sitting at a table at a nearby restaurant. It was probably innocent (we hope) but Supergirl reminded the lady that ITS NOT O.K. TO TRY AND LURE LITTLE CHILDREN INTO YOUR HOTEL ROOM! She gently explained to her that while we appreciate gifts you should give them to the children in public, preferrably in the presence of their parents.

People bring gifts down for the kids of Caye Caulker all the time. Its great, pencils, books, school supplies, toothbrushes, toys. But this incident shocked us out of our self induced daze that we're living in a safe society where nothing bad can happen to our kids. We have a false sense of security, because we all know each other (cousins all up and down the beach) and watch out for each other that nothing can touch us, and in a split second we had the sense knocked back into us.


Anonymous said...

How about this one from Jelly Bean to her mother that has been pregnant for the last two years.

Malibu Mal: Oh I ate too much I feel bloated and Pregnant.

Jelly Bean: Well you still look pregnant because your belly is really big.

Malibu Mal to Jelly Bean in a hurt voice: Do I really? Is my belly really that big.

Jelly Bean: Well Mom it's just kinda big. Not big like before when you had a baby in it, just kinda big like it's fat.

Well the moral here is if you want an honest answer you should ask a four year old. And if you don't then don't ask.

Caribbean Colors said...

Its true. Ask a 4 year old for the truth. UNBaby likes to tell me how big my butt is.