Monday, March 05, 2007

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Chef Toni is making carrot cake this morning for the cafe. I'm getting myself awake and stirring around to shake off the cobwebs of last night. Her startled voice juks my brain as she announces that on KREM Radio, the Communications Workers Union has given the BTL phone company until noon to reinstate the workers that were fired last week. After noon, they have not announced what will happen, but we all know... already, the internet is running real slooooooowww. We all know what will happen, they will shut this country down. I'm not mad, I think I'm prepared. The most important thing is to have enough cash on hand, and I believe I've done this.
Well, I better get a move on and finish my emails.
My question is... should I pay my phone bill this morning? Naw, I'll wait and see if we even have a phone company after this is over.
Sayonara my friends!

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